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There are stories that are like rifle shots: they arrive where they need to get there, without turning around things. These are the songs of La Cricca. They are true stories that come from the streets of the suburbs, from long journeys by car, from every day life. Stories that talk, without any censorship, of human relationships often complicated and reflections on life really chewed. These are songs that come straight to the heart – or stomach- supported by an energetic sound, granite and genuine.

Andrea Bonomo

Born in 1978, is the voice of the band. His are the words of the songs, as the words of many songs written for famous names of Italian music. He was an EMI author for years and, at present, for Curci. He admirer Gino Strada. Has a very disenchanted view about the questions of life: if he was God, he would erase phobias, guilt and greed. He’s called “collector of vices”, a quality that, in a sense, he recognizes as a virtue. In his pockets never misses a lighter. He alternates between moments of idleness to a visceral creative hyperactivity.

Lallo Visconte

Born in 1969, is the band’s bassist and backing vocals. He discovered his passion for music at the age of 12 when he began playing in his family’s clubs. Over the years, the sacrifices and successes led him to be the largest professional musician that he’s today. He is linked to the family, always keeps with him a photo of her children to accompany him when the work takes him around the world; almost the same thing that happens to the protagonist of “Around the World in 80 Days”, his favorite book . For him, La Cricca is a second family, a status that he likes to call so frank and sincere: “La Cricca is a group of people who defend themselves each other, even if it means lying to the world.”

Ruben Vaghi

Born in 1978, guitarist. Billions of hours spent trying, trying and trying again led him to be the musician he is today, playing in the most third-rate places but with the dignity of who lives the music as a pure passion. Little money in his pocket and a plectrum always at hand: this is his photograph, the one of a man linked to things he does and to the people who in life have taught him to be the honest man that knows to be.

Sergio Ratti

Class 1979. Years of hard work behind the drums and cymbals lead him from 1998 to 2003 to be part of Sungift band he which toured Italy with hundreds of concerts and also the occasion of opening concerts of Deep Purple, Vasco Rossi, Bob Geldof, Jethro Tull.

Drumsticks are always with him!